Justice For Toby

The year is 1883.  The place is Fish Springs—a small mountain community in remote, rugged East Tennessee.

Isaiah Washington, a former slave-turned sharecropper, stops suddenly when his horse-drawn plow runs upon what he thinks is a smooth round rock.   He bends over to pick up the object and discovers to his horror that it’s a human skull.
Isaiah then notices a scattering of other human remains. Upon closer inspection, he finds a partially rotted leather cord that has a tiger’s tooth attached to the end of it.  Isaiah also discovers that one of the skeletal feet has two missing toes. 

Telltale signs that the remains are those of his old friend Toby Jackson—also a former slave who had gone mysteriously missing 13 years earlier. 

So goes the opening of our 86,000-word novel. 

Justice For Toby is about the grisly murder of a black man and the pursuit of his killer in predominantly white Carter County, Tenn. 

Will Toby Jackson’s killer be caught and brought to justice?  Or will the white power structure in this mountain community dismiss the murder as just another Negro who somehow got out of line and deserved to die? 

Read all about it—and the climactic ending—in Justice For Toby.