Reader Reviews

It Happened 
By cssc
"I read this book because it was written about an area close to where I live ..." [read review]

It does not read like other novels
By Sahar Azuli
"I couldn"t put the book down and found myself reading it a second time!..." [read review]

Superb writing.
By William Hardy
"I picked it up and soon found I could not put it down..." [read review]

I like that this book was based on a true story
By Karan Robinson
"It's well-written and full of surprises, so it was a rare night when I didn't read a few chapters..." [read review]

Great book!
By Marth Shell
"I recently purchased this book and thoroughly enjoyed it!..." [read review]

Great Story!
By Laurel Lee
"Not only were the characters very well- developed in this book, but the story itself is extremely intriguing..." [read review]

Loved this book!
By Dorothy
"The sights, smells, and even tastes of Appalachia come right alive through the pages of this masterfully written story of love, loss, faith, war, and even murder...." [read review]

Fascinating read
By Carol Woody
"This book, based on a true story from East Tennessee, captivated me...." [read review]