The Last Fishing Trip

The Last Fishing Trip is a fast paced story about four friends headed to Panama City Florida for their annual fishing trip. The trouble starts for the guys when their car breaks down in a small rural Alabama town and they end up in the Red Rooster, a honky-tonk night club, where women call men traveling through, fresh meat. The plot thickens when a truck driver’s wife takes one of them home, believing her husband is on a long road trip.

The Last Fishing Trip is a pedal to the metal road trip action comedy that made me smile at every page, when I wasn’t laughing out loud. Set in the Deep South, it’s peopled with great dialog from a lineup of motley characters who, despite their best intentions, manage to get themselves in a pack of trouble with a psychotic truck driver. Imagine a Hal Needham Smokey & The Bandit movie written by Elmore Leonard and you’re pretty close to the mark.” —Steve Latshaw - Screenwriter-Producer-Director (Command Performance, Return of the Killer Shrews, Stan Lee’s Lightspeed)